I’ve been a little off my game just recently having undergone major surgery. For those who may have noticed my absense, I am easing myself back slowly.  Whilst lying in bed reading this morning, I came across this in a favourite book that I keep by my bedside. The book is called Simple Abundance and is by Sarah Ban Breathnach The heading above is the title of the chapter upon which I opened the book.

“Whenever I prepare to write, I have a carefully crafted ritual of comfort that eases me into creating. I work from my bed with a fresh pot of tea on my bedside table and a beautiful tape of piano nocturnes playing softly in the background. Next to me is a new spiral notebook and cup full of my favo{u}rite pens, along with a revered pile of dog-eared books. You see, I am not alone but in the company of my circle of saints – beloved women writers – each of whom has an authentic voice and a special message for me. I savo{u}r the work of their hands, hearts, and minds once again to get my own creative juices flowing.”

It got me thinking about the types of things I do to prepare for creativity.  Because I love what I do, it is never a problem for me to spend hours in my craft room, but what is it that really inspires?  I know that the kitchen must be clear and tidy.  The cats must be fed and quietly sleeping in their chosen warm spot for the day.  I must of course, be showered and dressed (someone might knock on the door).  Just being in my craftroom provides the feeling of comfort when I know I have several hours to spend doing what I love.

What inspires you?  How do you prepare to create?  Do you, like Sarah, need your favourite cup and a pot of tea, or do you just wade in and get started hoping inspiration comes?

Leave a comment and go into the draw  to receive a pack of paper crafting materials.

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