Art Journaling

SOME OF YOU MAY KNOW that I have kept journals/diaries for many years.  I like to write things down.  It clears my head, a bit like self administered therapy.  My kind of therapy.  I don’t have to go out and speak to people about my private life.  I simply take some time for myself and I started writing.  As the years passed and the diaries piled up, I started to feel more creative.  I started to put pictures in, clippings from magazines, little sketches, some coloured pencil.  Anything that took my fancy, or happened to be within easy reach at the time.  It wasn’t always pretty, but I began to notice how the    time would fly by while I was lost in the process. I use colouring pencils, watercolour paints, stamps, washi tape and anything else that takes my fancy.

I didn’t know until recently that what I was doing was called Art Journaling.  Hours spent on Pinterest has revealed some amazing Art Journaling.  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to art journaling if you would like to check it out on Pinterest – BarbaraAnnPaperArts

Kristal Norton  offers a free Art Journaling 101 course. Simply sign up and you will receive a daily email explaining everything. It is well worth signing up for.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Jounaling until next time

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