Fine Tip Glue Pen – You need one of these now

I’ve found a new favourite product from the current (1st September) Occasions/Spring catalogue.

The Fine Tip Glue pen is quite different to anything I have ever used before.  I love my Tombow multipurpose liquid glue but things can get a bit messy, if you know what I mean.  With the new Fine Tip Glue Pen, you can run a tiny line of glue or a tiny dot of glue exactly where you need it.

It is perfect for adding tiny elements like sequins and other tiny embellishments with the precision that is required.

Fine Tip Glue Pen google image

I keep mine within easy reach no matter what type of project I am making. So give it a try.  I highly recommend you do.

When you unscrew the lid, you will notice that there is a thin wire that stays within the lid section of your glue pen.  When you have finished applying the glue, be sure to put this wire back down the centre of the tip ensuring that your glue will be ready to go next time you want to use it.

To get your own Glue pen click on the shop online button above and browse our gorgeous new Occasions catalogue.  You will find the glue pen on Page 43, bottom right.  A fantastic tool at a great price.

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