Jack and the Beanstalk and turning 32

I think it  is always difficult to believe that your children are no longer “children.”  Our son turned 32 this week and while we were decorating one of our now vacant bedrooms,  I came across this little theatre set that belonged to him.

Childs theatre Jack and the beanstalk (2)

The theatre folds down into a flatish box about 2cm  deep, there is a little book and some characters to make up the play.  What you can see in the middle of the floor is the beanstalk which you pull up on a piece of string and secure at the top of the theatre.

Clearly it is a keeper, but I wonder who of our ipad owning grandchildren would appreciate such an object today.  Perhaps a little girl, but we have all boys and I’m not sure they would enjoy this.

Here it is with some of the character pieces.

Jack and the Beanstalk theatre (1)

Jack and his mother and their cottage with their cow (sad for she is to be exchanged for a bag of beans).


As you can see our Beanstalk is a “CAN OF BEANSTALK” the story is a little different in this theatre.


I think I will hang onto it for a little bit longer, I think it’s lovely, don’t you?

3 thoughts on “Jack and the Beanstalk and turning 32

  1. Just gorgeous Barbara! My mother is the biggest hoarder in the world as you probably know but I was delighted this week when she arrived with a box full of my favourite story books from when I was little…Clifford the big red dog, Baby farm animals, Jack n Jill pop up book (still in complete working order), Raggedty Ann and Andy…they may be up high and out of reach in the day time for their own protection but I am just loving reading them again now…(even though some of the story lines are a little disturbing!!)…and Livinia seems just as enthralled by them. Definitely keep it, don’t give it to anyone…but I’m sure the boys would just love it if you read it to them one day!


    1. Hi Nelly, I love your reading memories . I have some favourites from my early reading days and would love to be able to lay my hands on them today, disturbing storylines were all the rage back then, ha ha. Keep those precious books safe. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it.


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