A Quiet Place

EACH LIFE needs it’s own QUIET place


I was surprised by how much this little statement affected me and I started to wonder about my own quiet place.  I do enjoy ME time for sure, I think most of us do.  But a Quiet Place, I’m not sure I have one of those.

Quiet Place:  For starters I have very bad tinnitus so quiet isn’t something I EVER EXPERIENCE.  However, the only way I can deal with that is to ignore it, so that’s what I do.

I checked out google images  of ‘quiet place’.  Pretty, tranquil  pictures emerged and I would love to have been in any one of them.



Then I spied this – how cute.


“One sunny day a child named Grace was looking for a QUIET PLACE” –  I think that is me.

But this is more likely:369938c6f3f6386406ef95c1080c7300.jpg

Pyjames, mug of tea, and a good read = HAPPY QUIET PLACE.  Do you have a Quiet Place, what does it mean to you?

Happy Quiet Place Day.


4 thoughts on “A Quiet Place

  1. I consider myself quite fortunate to have the whole house as my quiet place whenever husband and daughter leave for the day 🙂 That’s why I always look forward to Mondays. I’m free to daydream and do as I want and no timetables to stick to expect those I impose on myself, and of course, when it’s time to prepare dinner 😀

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    1. Yes Paardje, I too used to enjoy that time when my husband was at work. However he retired last year and the adjustment has been quite huge really. We rub along pretty well together, both with our own small business interests but I miss the long quiet days.

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