Desk bound

Where do you go to write or journal. Do you have a dedicated space, or do you just plunk down and do it?


I was inspired by a recent post about writing space to reflect on what works best for me. This changes, and due to work and family commitments I have developed the ability to write in most places. Tapping out notes and snatches of dialogue and prose on Evernote if I’m on the move works well, and I do try and keep a small notebook handy just in case I need to physically write instead. That may just be a personal quirk – like most people I type much faster than I write, but sometimes it works better if I slow it down. If I need to really think something through, nothing beats pen and paper for me.

Recently my sister pointed out that I carve out a study of sorts wherever I live. It seemed obvious when she drew attention to it, but I hadn’t recognised that it was something…

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