What I made this weekend – Recycled Woodblock Desk Folly

Folly 2
Wood Block Desk Folly

Recycling is a bit of a passion of mine and when I saw this on a website that I follow (link below), I was excited and inspired to try something similar.

I didn’t have a lovely weathered piece of wood like Florence but my husband (the handy man had an offcut from one of his many projects which he cut down for me.

I started with a 3¾” roughly square block. It is probably a little taller at around 4¼”.  I followed Florence’s instruction to cover the block roughly in some white paint.  I simply stippled the brush over the block.  I used a Ranger distress inkpad on the corners and edges.  I then added some rub n buff gold to the edges and sides to glam’ it up a bit!


I liked the images that Florence had used on her block and rifled through my stamp collection to find the gorgeous Stampin’ UP! #Serene Silhouettes Stamp Set. I stamped the images onto random sized pieces of white cardstock which I trimmed down.  I matted them onto Chocolate Chip Cardstock, I decided to mount the images onto  pieces of bookboard to hold them slightly away from the block.  The glue used for the whole project is Ranger Glossy Accents.

My husband drilled and nailed the little metal feet to the bottom of my block.

Folly 1 (1)

The challenge for me was how to finish the box?  I had some metal pieces which I purchased on  ebay and had been hoarding for a while.  Cogs and wheels of all sorts and some filigree ornaments were added to the block sides.  I placed two filigree ‘corners’ to the top of the box and added a metal dragonfly on top of a folded leaf.  Half a Christmas ornament bauble was laid over the top. Note: I will add something around the bottom of the bauble to hide the join line, it shows up more in the photo’s than in real life.

Now to tidy the top of my desk to display my upcycled woodblock folly.

Thank you so much to Florence for her idea and the inspiration.  If you like my post please leave a comment.  Thank you for stopping by.



To see Florence amazing block:  https://florenceandfreddie.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “What I made this weekend – Recycled Woodblock Desk Folly

    1. Thank you so much. Happy hunting at the boot sale. If all my cupboards and wardrobes weren’t stacked to the rafters I would enjoy scavenger hunting at boot sales too. Just have to be happy with what I can find laying around (and I’m not above getting into the garage and potting shed these days).

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  1. Thank you, jml297. It’s easy to get lost in the detail of things like this. There are no rules, just what you can come up with yourself. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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