Time for another Christmas Card

Once again inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest:14606557_1252567678118611_145457353671156353_n

Isn’t it just the prettiest thing you have ever seen?  My own card got a little complicated I must say.  But I persevered and here is my version of something similar.


I did a gilding workshop this week, so my little birds have been gilded with Cosmic Flakes. I think you will be seeing a lot of gilding in future projects and also around the paper crafting sites. It’s my new favourite thing. I spend lots of time wondering what I can gild next.

When I had finished the card I felt it needed something more. I heatset copper embossing around the  edge of the cardfront which finished it off nicely and made me happy.


The next two cards also use Gilding Flakes.  Both were made using templates. Once the templates were removed from the sticky backing paper after guilding, I sprinkled them with microbeads to fill in the rest of the sticky backing.  My photography skills really don’t do justice to the finished cards.

gilded-rosesw-wmark-template-rose-1 gilded-wwmark-cat-birthday-card-1



10 thoughts on “Time for another Christmas Card

  1. I like your version better! The gilded birds are adorable, as are the bells that look like berries. Super card!


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