When saying ‘no’ is the right thing to do


I am not having the best weekend.  I spent most of yesterday (Saturday) cleaning and tidying and making ready for a guest that I didn’t want. When I said yes, a few months ago to the request to stay the night, I didn’t really understand the implications, but it has been mega inconvenient.

So why do we say yes, when we would like to say no? Perhaps if you sometimes have the same issue this article by – Tiny Buddha may help you too. Well written with tips on how to manage the situation.

You may have noticed that I am tripping between I and We in this post.  I am the one not enjoying myself, my husband is currently off Cycling 100k round The Bay with his buddy (my unwanted guest).

Anyway, it is done and I am over it, no point dwelling when there is peaceful crafting time to be had.

I shall be practising saying NO a lot more in future.

Cheers, Barbara


10 thoughts on “When saying ‘no’ is the right thing to do

  1. Saying No is not as easy as it seems especially in situations like you’re talking about. We live in a small house and we’ve had some guests that were unwanted in the past. There just is not room. I have yet to figure out how I can say no to someone who is traveling to see us. 😦

    That said, holding on to resentment or carrying that stuff around only hurts us so we all have to figure out how to let that go.
    hugs to you!


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