Decoupage Sheet found in my Craft room Cleanup

I’ve been having a bit of a clean up in my Craft room recently and came across this Docrafts Timeless Decoupage Sheet that I had bought at some time.  I haven’t done any decoupage for many years but thought I could use the cute images to make some cards.

First attempt turned out to be a disaster.  The paper is of fairly poor quality for cards (actually like cutting up magazines).  So after that one found its way into the bin.  I got out my Xyron Creative Station and ran all the pieces through that before attempting to cut them out. This was a much better option and by adding adhesive to the back of everything first, there would be no glue seepage.

Here are my finished cards.  This kit has enough images for sixteen cards but I’m not sure the finished product is worth the amount of effort that has gone into them.

One of these will make its way to my grandsons in Queensland and I have a few ideas for using more images from the kit.

22 thoughts on “Decoupage Sheet found in my Craft room Cleanup

  1. They look good Barbara, although as you have said it’s a lot of work for perhaps not much gain. Only you can tell how much you want to do them. Cheers Sheila


    1. Thanks Sheila, good to catch up today. I probably won’t do too much more with this but I’m pleased with the final results for the most part.


    1. Yes lots of fussy cutting, and the glue was a disaster on such thin paper. The layers hid some of the mess ups though. Thanks for taking the time to comment I appreciate it.


    1. Thank you, I kept in mind that they were meant to be decoupaged and therefore I should not expect the best result. Are you going to do a post about your decoupaged chairs? I should love to see them.

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  2. I’m just about to embark on a couple of decoupage pieces, but I’m new too it. I have two plastic manikin’s I want to do. Do you have any advice? I’m thinking I will have to seal the plastic first with something plastic friendly. Gesso? I was planning on using PVA glue as it dries clear or is their a better adhesive?


    1. Hi Jodine, thank you for your comment. I found this article quite useful on Wikihow. It takes you through step by step and gives some good tips for decoupage. I did decoupage in the years when it was necessary to add up to 30 layers of varnish to a piece. That is not necessary these days. My little decoupage cards are not really decoupage, I just used the images in a different way. Still effective and fun to do, but not strictly decoupage. Check out this site and see if it helps Good luck with your project. I’d love to see photo’s when you have finished. Barbara

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      1. Thank you. I will be doing it the old way I think, for the depth and to ensure it doesn’t crack. Its my first attempt. I’m chasing books for pics at the moment. I will make a post when I’ve finished 🙂


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