Together We MUST Stand

I knew absolutely nothing about this. Did you?

In The Autumn Of My Life


I have tried to write something light for my blog for the past few days and I am getting nowhere.

I know exactly why that is.

I want to write about Standing Rock and about how important that water supply is to the lives of those people and the animals on the land they have sworn to protect. I want to say how disappointed I am that President Obama (who isn’t my president but whom I thought was a good man) hasn’t made this his last humanitarian drive before he leaves office. I guess there is money to be made in after dinner speeches to these companies in the future which can’t be put at risk.

I want to write about ALL the indigenous people who have had the land that sustains them ripped away from them by corporations who want to make money from the resources and therefore (with…

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4 thoughts on “Together We MUST Stand

  1. It’s awful isn’t it that such an important issue isn’t getting into the news.. the power of the big Corporations mean that we only hear what we’re allowed to be told… I’d only heard of this recently through another blog.. Victorialise (link on my reblog of Autumn in my life’s post)… worth popping across to Victoria’s site for more info on Standing Rock… x

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  2. Wendy, I don’t watch the news any more it is just full of hogwash, traffic accidents and hoons. When there are issues like this and nobody knows about it, it makes no sense to me. I shall certainly take a look at Victorialise. Thank you for the heads up.

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    1. If you are on FB you will be able to find lots of info and videos, the latter taken by people on the ground, so to speak.

      I admit I don’t watch the news anymore myself but I had a heads up on these issues through other means and have been following their progress.

      Thank you for helping to spread the word!


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