Just because he’s beautiful


Robin Redbreast

I miss these little guys visiting my garden in winter, we don’t have them in Australia, although we have many glorious species of bird.

Robins hold a special place in my heart

2 thoughts on “Just because he’s beautiful

  1. Such a beautiful bird! I stayed with a friend on the north coast of NSW recently and she had a willie wagtail making a nest on her decking. It captivated me with its bright eyes and brisk movements. I don’t see wagtails in the mountains and it was lovely to come across them again 😊


  2. They are certainly captivating creatures. I love birds of all kinds. At the moment we have a blackbird who comes every year and sits in the top of the Sheoak next door and sings and sings for hours. His singing will gradually fade out as summer heats up, but I know he will be back next year and I look forward to it. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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