My first post for 2017

Class samples 9.1.14 003

She’s not well and I’m afraid for her.  She (Ebony) has a growth on her head close to her right ear (left looking at the photo). It has been growing slowly but didn’t seem to bother her. The vet has seen it when it was much smaller (I initially thought it was a tick). She has other ongoing issues but enjoys her food and my company.  She is sitting next to me in her basket as we speak.  I just sat down and noticed that there was a spray of blood on my blind.  I had pulled it down to keep the sun off of her.  She has shaken her head and has made the growth bleed.  We have a trip to the vet organised for today at 4.15.

I wish my post were a happier one. Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I don’t think so.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Happy New Year to the Blogging friends I haven’t caught up with so far this year.




35 thoughts on “My first post for 2017

    1. Thanks so much trE, the old darling has ongoing issues and it will be a time for decisions I think. She still enjoys life, and I don’t think is suffering too much but I don’t want her to suffer at all. My husband says my cats are treated better than most children. They deserve it though.

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    1. Thanks Karen,Yes, I miss Charlie too, such a gorgeous boy. We have a small surgery scheduled for Monday so we shall see how that goes and take it from there.


  1. Hope she will recover soon and the vet will now the best thing to do for her. I know how you feel as when my dogs are even the slightest under the weather I fret and worry and fuss all over them. She looks really loved and pampered in this photo though. Take care Barbara!

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    1. Thank you, I worry about my cats a lot too. They are an important part of our lives. She is sleeping peacefully at the moment, and if the purring is anything to go by, I think she is content.

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  2. Oh, Barbara, I am so sorry to hear this–I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes well for lovely Ebony on Monday. After recently losing my beloved cat, Maisie, I can understand your worries. Animals truly are part of the family and those bonds are so strong. Sending hugs!

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  3. I hope all went well on Monday – animals make such a big impact on our lives, and it is always such a worry when they aren’t well. Wishing you and Ebony all the best.


  4. Thanks Judith, The operation was to remove a nasty growth on her face. She is very happy now that the head cone has gone and she can move freely. Hopefully all will continue to improve as the days go by.

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