Parisian Gardens – Altered Box with Ornament


I want to share with you a small altered box that I made over the Christmas break using Meg’s Garden latest paper collection called Parisian Gardens.

I like to ‘repurpose’ items as often as I can, and this little box was much too gorgeous to throw away after the fragrant candle it had contained was long melted and enjoyed.

Because the box was in very good condition, I didn’t have to do anything much to it. It was a neutral craft colour and very sturdy and well made. I covered the top of the lid with a circle punched from one of the papers to hide some wording that was stamped there and using the same paper for all parts I covered the box.

I fashioned the handle from one of Meg’s metal filigree embellishments, the birdsnest and eggs are from my own collection/stash. You may be able to make out the cutest little bird just arriving to keep the eggs warm, to the right of the nest. I didn’t think to get a closer photo


I wasn’t sure whether to have this as the back or the front of the box.  As I have left most of the main box free of embellishment, I suppose, it can be either.  I have added another few metal filligrees ( all are attached with Glossy Accents). These are easy to curve to the shape that you want. You can also cut them if you desire (but don’t use your favourite fussy cutting scissors for this.


I initially had a pretty green bead in the shape of a heart dangling from the lid of the box. I removed it because it interferred with the handle on the top of the bauble.


Shows bauble (on it’s side and interior of box. I finished all the edges of the original box using a gold Sharpie. I also sponged the edges of all paper pieces before adding them. The elements inside the bauble are fussy cut from the Parisian Gardens paper collection Cut and Create sheets. The pink flower is from Green Tara.  I created a stand for the bauble using two of the filligree flowers which you can see better in the photo of the box with Buddha.

A few more photo’s show the other side of the bauble, the bauble on top of the upturned box with the ever helpful Buddha assisting me with the shot. And finally one of my hand holding the box in front of our gorgeous bougainvillea.

I hope you enjoyed this look at what you can do with the lovely Parisian Gardens paper collection and some of the pretty embellishments from Meg’s Garden.

Until next time, Happy Crafting


16 thoughts on “Parisian Gardens – Altered Box with Ornament

    1. Thank you. Oh I don’t know, I just knew I had to do something with the box. The paper arrived and I loved it, so I put them together. The bauble was an afterthought, but I knew it fitted perfectly into the box, so I combined the two.

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  1. Absolutely stunning – you are so very talented to be able to take something which most people would discard and create a vibrant, second life for it. Beautiful photos, and thank you for showing what is possible.


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