Another Wedding Project

Wedding Explosion Box 009

This was originally posted a few years ago (wordpress is being difficult today and I can’t scroll through my posts past a certain point so I am not able to link to the original post).

One of the ladies who regularly comes to classes asked if we could make something special for a family wedding she was attending. The above is the ‘explosion’ box that we made. As you can imagine this box was fairly high in labour  and took several days to complete, with ideas being shared and decorations purchased.

I have since learned that the lady for whom the box was made has never commented on it at all – personally I think that is a little odd.  But once a project, be it a card or something more exotic, is given to the recipient should we still hold some sort of hold over it?  Should we expect a comment on how clever we are, or how beautiful or grateful the recipient is?

When you love to create pretty things, perhaps that is where it ends.  You create, you give that is the joy of it.

I’m sorry my friend’s family member wasn’t impressed with her gift, but we were so proud of our achievement and perhaps that should be enough.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for stopping by today.

Happy creating.


18 thoughts on “Another Wedding Project

  1. Thank you Barbara. I enjoyed making that beautiful box.
    Now I have made another One. Yes,you are right .Once you give it away, one should detach happily. .

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  2. Wow, it is so beautiful! I believe you are right about relishing in the joy of creating and giving and then letting go ~ truly a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing!


  3. Thank you. Yes sometimes hard to do when you put so much of yourself in creating something pretty. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.


  4. Beautiful box! I think part of the joy is diminished if the recipient doesn’t like it. If I make something for a loved one I am trying to produce something that will make them feel loved, or appreciated, or happy. People are funny though. I made several cards for my aunt’s wedding anniversary a while ago, and took a lot of time to make them special. Her first comment was “it’s a shame to throw something so pretty away….”!!

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  5. Hi Miriam, a lot went into the making and selections especially with the bride in mind. There is no telling what the reaction will be I suppose. Never mind it was a lovely project nonetheless.


  6. It’s beautiful, I’m not sure everyone always appreciates what goes into craft projects enough to know their value (in love as well as time and materials). If something I make is not appreciated then I simply choose not to make for that person again.


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