Mini Album using Meg’s Garden Vintage Book Papers

Hi everyone I’m sharing a small album I created using Meg’s Garden Vintage Book Papers. This collection is called “Forgotten Meadows.”

The album is bound using a simple Japanese Bookbinding system.  I will be adding some photographs and poetry to the pages plus more of the details from the cut apart papers included with the collection. This album does not allow for lots of dimensional elements as it is quite flat.  It is perfect for photographs etc.

For a tutorial on the Bookbinding system that I have used go to: Japanese Bookbinding 101 Note: I have used the same system with three holes instead of four.  

Thanks for stopping by today


9 thoughts on “Mini Album using Meg’s Garden Vintage Book Papers

  1. Hello Barbara.
    What a beautiful book. I can imagine what the photographs and poetry would look like when fixed in place and I think it will make a real family piece which will be passed down as the years pass.

    A truly beautiful make.
    ~ Cobs. x


    1. Hello Cobs, I have had so much fun looking through your website and I’m sure I shall be visiting often. Thank you for stopping by my site and taking the time to make a lovely comment. I appreciate it very much. Barbara

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    1. Hi Florence, thank you – It’s a nice versatile binding but there are loads to choose from. I’m thinking about buying a binding machine – do you have one?


  2. Sorry I have been missing posts – life and tech issues are to blame. Love this album and the interesting binding.


  3. Thank you, yes the dreaded tech issues, always hovering around to throw a spanner in the works. Hope it’s all sorted out now. I love your posts.


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