Know Better Do Better

Fantastic post from a blog that I follow. I believe education is the key to helping animals everywhere. I believe Maya Angelou’s words “When you know better you do better.”


When we know better we do better or so the saying goes.. Does it go beyond that? Do we actually do better when we know better or is this a phrase we coin off on our children to plant a seed that we hope grows in them while deliberately avoiding our own advice?

And if action speaks louder than words is it any wonder that far too many destructive yet accepted practices take place worldwide? We sit on the sidelines not wanting to leave the comfort zones we have built around ourselves. We push aside truth if it challenges our conveniences even at the cost of another sentient beings existence.

We are products of our surroundings surrounded by products. Really think about that for a moment or two. Have we become more product than human(e)? Do we turn our cheek to atrocities if it means continuing our preferred way of life…

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