Easter gifts – Juggling Chooks

So my plan this year is to become more comfortable with my new sewing machine,  I really haven’t come to grips with it at all since I bought it last year to replace my tired Janome.  I went for a limited edition Bernina – and while it looks really pretty I have barely used it.

So when I saw these fun Juggling Chooks I decided they were the perfect project to get me going. Lots of repetition and no need to change the cotton!

Easter Chooks Blue 1 (1)

I have three grandsons, so I had to make 9 of these little pillows. Each one is an individual as you can see (no two are alike).


And finally all nine juggling chooks.  I think to save arguments the boys will get one of each colour.

All the chooks

To make your own juggling chooks, I have added the link below.  I found all the bits for my chooks in my craftroom and kitchen.  I filled the chooks with a little piece of polyester stuffing and then added about quarter of a cup of rice (brown of course).   They require only a piece of cotton fabric and some felt for the beak, comb and wattle.

You’ll have a lot of fun making these. Even my husband has been practising his juggling to no avail), and I’m not much better myself.  I hope the boys enjoy them.

a great little craft project from – Red Ted Art –

Have a great day


30 thoughts on “Easter gifts – Juggling Chooks

    1. I must say thank you very much to you. Your post is where I learned to make my chooks too. I realised that the link I had at the bottom of my post was directing to the wrong place. I have now rectified that. Thank you so much for sharing these. They are so much fun and very easy to make. I hpe my grandsons love them. My husband and I are really enjoying them and I may have to make at least one more set for us to keep. Great project thank you again.

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    1. What a lovely thing to say. I just like to give things a try really, and if they are not perfect, since most of the time they will be landing sunny side up, it won’t matter. I hope the boys like them. Barry and I are having fun in the meantime. We are not improving! X


  1. I know the fear of a new Sewing Machine… I bought a new thing which can juggle, wire walk and swim with crocodiles. In fact the only thing it doesn’t apparently do is make me a coffee – which is a disgrace when you know how much I paid for that baby. However, I’m still terrified of it. I’m scared incase I break it. But, as Mr.Cobs said, it’s pointless it sitting there challenging you, and you doing nothing. It would be better to mess around on it and break it, than not use it at all. So I used it for only the second time about two months ago. I sewed for about 4 minutes …… everything was going wonderfully well……. and I broke the darn needle.

    It was at that point that I found out that it hadn’t arrived with any spare needles. GRRRrrrr!

    I can’t find out (from local stores) if I need to buy special needles designed only for that machine, or if I can use just any sewing machine needles. So … I’ve now got to contact the company who makes it and wait for them to reply.

    Your Chooky Chickens are fabulous! Your Grandsons are going to love them. They’ll now be putting in orders for other things they’d like you to make. lol
    ~ Cobs. x ❤


  2. Hi Cobs, what a nuisance, not even a spare needle, and you would have no idea even what size or type was already in there when you bought it. There is a Universal set of needles which I thought went into any machine, but don’t take my word for it. It’s a minefield when you start looking into the different feet, needles, cottons etc etc etc. When I start sewing I have the “light the fuse and stand back approach,” in case anything goes wrong when I gingerly put my foot down. If all goes well from there I may even relax a little. I’ve watched a few Youtubes for my machine which have been very helpful, so perhaps you could try that if you have time in your busy schedule. I think Mr Cobs is onto something – Play with it until something breaks, but then I guess that is what you did. I do wish you loads of luck and if in your travels you find a machine that makes a nice cuppa (tea or coffee) please let me know and I will brace myself to pay a fortune. XX


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