Mini Box Etsy 1

It’s been a rainy and pretty miserable few days in Melbourne over the weekend, though the sun has shone brilliantly today and it was nice to resume my daily walks around the lake.  With winter on the way we must make the most of the sunshine while we can. Secretly, I enjoy rainy days, no excuse needed to stay home and hopefully get into the craftroom.

I’ve always enjoyed miniatures and the more detail the better. This little box is based on a 3″ x 2″ matchbox.  Although I took the dimensions from a matchbox, my box is made from scratch using some lightweight, white card, slightly heavier than cardstock.

The structure of the box is quite sturdy. I am not a fan of flimsy boxes and with the glitter finish on the front of this it has a nice strong feel.

mini box 5 Apr 17

I decorated the outside of the box using a pretty serviette/napkin. (You can find many youtube videos on the glitter napkin technique if you are interested).  I made a small scroll which I decorated with tiny flowers, to go underneath the little handle inside the box. The handle enables you to  lift the insert up and there is space inside for a small keepsake.  I created a tiny gallery of vintage photographs and attached a slide-under piece to the inside lid of the box as shown above. The back sheet of the photo gallery slips underneath and stays put when the lid is closed. The box fastener is fashioned from a metal filigree element, these are easily bendable with small longnose pliers.

More photo’s of the inside and outside of the box.  I so enjoyed making this project. I hope you enjoy it too.

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So glad you visited my blog today.



33 thoughts on “TINY BOX WITH PICTURE GALLERY INSERT and secret compartment

    1. Thank you, you are lovely to say so. I just love to create and miniature things with lots of detail are some of my favourite things. Thank you so much for the follow too.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ohhhh Barbara, this is DIVINE!
    So much charm, detail, and filled with delight.
    A little box of many OOOoohs and Wows! Each ‘layer’ appearing like something magical has happened.

    A true work of heart. Absolutely fabulous, Barbara. Very well done!
    ~ Cobs. x


  2. Ooh this is so very pretty! You have such patience to work with small items like this and include so much detail. Gorgeous!


  3. Thank you, actually it isn’t patience at all. I come back to things in short bursts. I usually don’t know what I am going to do to start with, the ideas come and I do a little more until I feel it’s finished.xx


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