This past week

Hi Everyone,

It’s been quite a week for me.  Busy busy, but still with some time to do what I love.

Last Sunday, at very short notice – let’s say none – I attended an Album Making Class at a craft supply shop nearby.  Honestly I hadn’t even seen the album, but I had heard that is was quite something, so off I went, keeping everyone else in the class waiting I thought. Luckily for me, crafty/arty people don’t seem to mind waiting for a fellow crafter to arrive, and I was greeted with smiles and cheerful hello’s.

As promised this album was quite special. I would describe it as a “Pocket Album”.  The binding style is one I have used before, but with a twist.   I’m still working on it, but here is the finished cover design which is my own and not the same as the class project.

Botanicals album front


Papers used are from Graphic 45 Botanicals collection.  I finished my album slightly differently from the class project.  The class spine was finished with three ‘quarter inch’ pieces of ribbon in green and red.  As I had used a lot of black on my album front I changed this to some black cord that I had on hand.

As you can see from the photographs this is a very colourful album, the papers are quite exquisite and need no further embellishment.  However there are sixteen pockets to create tags for, so more work to be done.

I really enjoyed this class where everything was supplied.  If you’ve never taken a class at one of your local crafting places I really urge you to see what is on offer.

So carrying on my busy week, I decided to walk a marathon – yes I know, what madness is this?  Have no fear I shall not be attempting this feat all in one go.

Anyway, to get myself moving I have joined my local Dance Dynamics studio and so far have completed two exercise classes (loosely) incorporating dance moves. I am feeling the effects with some stiffness, but the classes were enjoyable. Things have changed at the gym in the last few years, classes are shorter with more breaks between sets, there were things I couldn’t attempt but always alternatives.  The accumulated kilometres/miles between the classes and my walks are to be added together until I have completed a marathon. Possibly the only way I will ever do so, but I like the idea. If you like the idea too, you can visit the post here

Well that was a lot for me this past week.  Enjoyed adding some more exercise to my week and playing with the Botanicals album.  I also made some birthday cards and did a little more work on an album for some friends who recently visited us here in Australia from UK.

I hope you all enjoy the coming week and please wish me luck keeping up the exercise momentum.


Thanks for stopping by today.


31 thoughts on “This past week

  1. Hi Barbara. I wish you luck. You are so active it makes me dizzy. I was busy as well, totally different. Love Renate X

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  2. Good luck with the marathon!! The album is a perfectly beautiful thing. You always make gorgeous things. All those pockets are so pleasing. I bet it smells and sounds great. Perhaps an odd thing to say but hopefully you know just what I mean!

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    1. Thank you, I know exactly what you mean. Always, the feel of the album in my hands has to be just right, for me to be really happy with it. This one has a nice heft and will get better when finished. X

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  3. Aww I LOVE this album Barbara, and adore the front! So unique.
    Of course … I was destined to love it – it has Graphic 45 papers, and your talent! The perfect match.

    You’ve had a busy week. I’m quite certain I’d have given up halfway lol.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs x

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    1. What a lovely thing to say. I always have several projects on the go at the same time, but this one will receive some more attention as time goes on. The classes and walks are going well so far and I am enjoying the extra exercise in my week. xx

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  4. That is a beautiful album. I haven’t taken a class at a craft store, but it sounds like a great idea. I love doing crafts and find them relaxing. Great job getting your body moving! It’s the perfect time of year. 🙂


  5. Thank you Mack, I am always impressed by your amazing recipes and your lovely family get togethers. I think everyone can see the beauty in butterflies.


  6. Hello Barbara,
    Yes, good much with your exercise regime.
    And a lovely post. The album is so beautiful. I’m actually attending a kikki k workshop tomorrow night. It’s ‘dream, do, enjoy and share’. So I’m not exactly sure what it involves, but stationery will be up there in sure😍
    Have a great week 💐


    1. Well I didn’t know that Kikki K did workshops. Are you in Australia? I love anything to do with stationery and paper in general. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time. Let me know how it goes. Glad to see the sun is shining here in Melbourne finally today. Have a lovely week. Must go and clock up some steps.

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      1. Hello Barbara,
        Yes, I’m the Melbourne follower🙂
        Yes, a foggy start but lovely now.

        Yes, they do a few genres of workshops. I attended one last year on Gratitude. Your local store will be most obliging if you were interested in finding out about them.
        Yes, get your count up for the day!
        Have a great week,
        Di 💐


  7. Oh wow! What stunning albums, I love the element of nature – whenever I purchase stationary I’m drawn to those that have flowers, birds, butterflies… 🦋 these are beautiful- best of luck with your marathon Barbara xx


    1. Thanks Hayley, actually I am working on my second marathon now. It took just over a week to clock up the other one. Feeling proud. I adore stationery of all kinds and prefer spending time in those sorts of shops whenever I get the opportunity. I appreciate you stopping by. I am working on a post at the moment – another album very different from the last. Hopefully get it posted in the next day or so.

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      1. Oh wow! Go you Barbara – I used to run when I was younger and you’re inspiring me to have another go! I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your albums and crafts – they are truly stunning 🦋💗🌈 xx

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  8. Hayley you are very kind. I’ve never been a runner but envy those who can clock up the miles. It seems to be the fastest way to shed the kilos and get into shape. My husband who is, let’s say quite old now still runs and cycles, so it’s definitely possible to get back into it. Good luck with it.


  9. Oh, my – that is utterly stunning! As is your entire site – very enticing. I wish I could produce more that is visually pleasing, but seem stuck in wordsmithing … Still, I greatly admire your work and find inspiration just by looking. So I’ll be back from time to time. With gratitude!!!


    1. Oh Sarah thank you so much. Wordsmithing is such a creative pasttime. I did try my hand for a while but I guess I love to work with my hands more. Thank you for the follow. I really look forward to stopping by your blog in the coming weeks, months etc. I love the friendships that we develop here at WP.


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