She thinks it’s time for dinner


It’s been a while since I shared a photo of lovely Black Cat (AKA Ebony). The last time was when she was very sick.  Here she is looking the picture of health. At 16 or so, I think she is doing well.

Have a lovely Sunday

9 thoughts on “She thinks it’s time for dinner

  1. What a truly fabulous cat she is. She talks with her eyes … and I’m guessing that you usually know pretty much everything she’s saying.

    I have to admit though . . . she’d look rather splendid on the end of a witches broom. Obviously a good witch, but still dressed in black, as Black Cat is. She has that ‘all knowledgeable’ and possibly even scholarly, in both worldly things and magical things. I reckon she sees Fairies too. We doubt, but she doesn’t, for she knows!

    GREAT post and even GREATER cat. Love her to pieces.
    Thank you for sharing her with us Barbara.
    Have a blessed day ~ Cobs. x


    1. Ahh Cobs, she is a splendid cat indeed. A trip on a withches broom would be a wonderful adventure for her and I do believe she would be up for it, she’s a heavy girl and would balance things out nicely for an ‘unbalanced’ witch methinks. She clearly “knows things” but she also knows how to keep a secret, which is a good thing in a black cat I think. She isn’t quite as agile as her sister ‘Fluffystuff’ but what she lacks in agility she makes up for with enjoying smooches and belly rubs. You too have a blessed and wonderful day. Barb. x


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