What to do when your dies are all joined together

Hi All,

I have recently bought some stamp sets with matching dies which have arrived with all the dies linked together.  Some of the pieces are tiny and I didn’t want to have them all rattling around in the storage bag so I thought I would show you how I use them without separating them.

This is how they arrive when you purchase them. You will note that there is a small metal link keeping the dies together.  You will also notice that the top two dies also have a tiny heart and a butterfly, now these do have to be removed otherwise when you cut out the flamingo stamps that match these dies, you would have a cut out in the middle of them.  I removed these tiny pieces and left the rest of the dies joined together. Hope that is clear!

Flamingo stamps and dies

Place the dies onto your MISTI if you have one, and lay the stamps into their corresponding die space as shown below.  Note: This photo is taken after the dies were picked up on the door of the MISTI, remove the dies and your stamps are all in position, ready to be inked.


If you don’t have a MISTI an acrylic block that is large enough to fit across all of the stamps will do the same job.

flam 5Place your stamping paper into the MISTI.

Ink up the stamps – you will now be able to stamp all of your images in one go.  I coloured my stamps at this stage while they were still all on the same page.

Flam 6

Once you have finished colouring take your images to the die cutting machine, lay the dies over the top of the images and run through.

Flam 7

All your images cut in one go (you can save those that you don’t want to use right away. And your dies are stored safely and will not easily become lost.

A quick and easy card made with this cute set of stamps and dies.



I hope you can follow these instructions and that they are useful to you, there is nothing more frustrating that loads of tiny pieces that can easily become misplaced.

Happy Stamping (and die cutting)






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