It’s been a turbulent few weeks

And though I’ve been reading and commenting on blogs, I realise I haven’t written one for a while.

Melbourne has been experiencing some fairly heavy rain in the past week or so (thankfully it seems to have eased now).  We have sustained some damage, related to, but not caused by rain.  Our carport roof is fitted with plasterboard like a normal indoor ceiling – (I’m not sure this is good building practice but that’s the way it is round here). Last Friday, half of the carport roof collapsed (mid rainstorm), onto our cars, damaging the bonnets of both and leaving a large gaping hole in the carport (it would now make a perfect pigeon loft).

carport roof collapsed

Damage to both cars is fairly minimal in that they are both drivable, but they are no longer pristine as they were.  Insurance claims have been filed with us being told we won’t be covered for the damage to the carport roof as it is general wear and tear! There was no water in the roof.

roof on cars

So that is one thing, and the aftermath of having cars repaired and getting quotes for repairs to carport are underway.

Hospital visits and an unsuspected surgery for my better half have taken up the rest of the weeks events.  I am pleased to say that he is feeling a lot more chipper and results are good.

I love that line in the John Lennon song, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” or words to that effect.  Never a truer word was spoken.

There has been no decorating for Christmas or Christmas Shopping apart from online stuff.  Thankfully Christmas cards have been made and sent.  Hopefully, we will now be able to get back on the horse and begin ‘tentatively’ planning our way through the Christmas season.

Dinner out this evening with friends is a good start.

Bless this Day.



14 thoughts on “It’s been a turbulent few weeks

    1. Thank you so much. Nothing too serious, partly aging, partly not realising he is aging, ha! (if you get my drift). All good now and caught at the right time. His persistence paid off in keeping going with the tests.


  1. Oh Barbara, what a dreadful thing to happen to your roof and cars! Yes the weather in Melbourne has been quite wet and wild lately. We’ve copped a few road closes in the south-east but nothing too drastic. Good to hear that hubby’s doing better and I wish him a speedy recovery. Take care

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    1. Thank you Effie. It certainly has been wet and a bit wild. We went out with friends last night, and I did the driving, quite hair raising at times, as the rain persisted, all around country roads, Warrandyte, Research etc. It was pleasing to see that the drivers did all slow down to a reasonable pace.

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  2. Aww, Barbara. I am so sorry you have had to endure a bit of a storm, but I must say, your attitude made me smile. To be able to put it into perspective the way you have is not something everyone can do, so it says a lot about the heart inside of you. You are a beautiful soul, and I very much admire your approach to the situation. Glad that your better half is on the mend and hopefully sunny days are just around the corner! Big hug!

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  3. Thank you so much, the things that have happened here are minor compared to what others endure. Everything here will be fixed up in no time. I am most grateful for that. My husband has bounced back very well and is feeling much better. A joy to see. xxx


  4. Life can sometimes have these ways of slow us down for one reason or another .. and sometimes these ways can be really upsetting.

    Sorry to hear (and see) the tribulations you’ve experienced, and saddened that you can’t claim for the roof on your insurance. But at least the cars can be repaired and they’ll be back to their original beauty again soon.

    Hope your bad luck is now out of the way and everything from here is all heading in the right direction.
    Squidges and good vibes being sent your way ~ Cobs. xxx


  5. Oh Barbara, it has been a tough week. Even though nothing major happened, it still takes money and time to fix everything. The good news is that your husband had a successful surgery, so focus on the good, and hopefully everything else will get sorted in the best way.

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