It’s 40 degrees in Melbourne today

I’m so pleased I bought this “cool mat” for Fluffystuff.

RSPCA Cool MatI can’t help thinking of my animals friends in Canada at the moment who are suffering temperatures of minus 40 degrees.  I don’t really know what is worse, although I think I would rather be too warm than too cold.


Stay cool.


8 thoughts on “It’s 40 degrees in Melbourne today

  1. Yes very hot down here in Rosebud xx….Im thinking I would prefer mid 20 deg cel….cool nights for sleeping sunny days…my poor dogs are carer took them to the beach to cool them down…

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  2. Lucky dogs, nice to have a dip. Hard to believe how cool it was at the weekend and now it’s so hot. Rosebud is a lovely spot. Hopefully there will be a bit of a sea breeze for you to enjoy in a day or two.


  3. Isn’t it awfully hot in Melbourne! Tomorrow’s weather is going to be just as bad. Heat seems to slow me down, so I prefer it to be too cold.


  4. It is very unpleasant Effie, I agree. It’s definitely best to stay home if you can, which I shall be doing tomorrow. The cool weather last weekend was quite refreshing.


  5. We will be warming up today after a low of 9 degrees F or so. Here In Central Mississippi we don’t favor cold and are looking for Spring. She is out there just not ready to come out of hiding.


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