A Tot of Rum or Two

Written for my dad on the occasion of his 90th birthday when I couldn’t attend the celebrations.



When it comes to having birthdays,

Our dad’s had more than most

They’re almost a tradition,

Bit like the Sunday roast

He seems to cope with passing time

It’s wondrous to see

And High Street pavements

only meet his face occasionally

But that’s to be expected

for a fellow of his age

You don’t survive two wars, five kids

by living in a cage

So if he trips and stumbles

whilst yomping for the fray

Politely brush the litter off

and send him on his way

He met our mum, Cecelia

Cissie, to those who knew her

They were married over 40 years

And many good memories linger

There were good times, and some bad times

Marriage tends to be that way

But who of us has no regrets

Or things they’d wish to change

I looked up words to ‘explain’ our dad

and came up with a few

Beau Brummel seemed appropriate

from  staring at the view

But when it came to decision time,

wishing driving events ‘adieu’

I thought deeply and decisively

and settled on Mr Magoo

But some things have no matter

They’re not who you are

It’s the life you’ve led that defines you

That make you a shining star

You’re not a hallowed Surgeon.

Politician or Oil Magnate

But who at 90 can honestly say

They’re still a Chick Magnet  (sorry)

I’ll just say Hi to Brenda

She is the lucky one

In a long line of hopeful ladies

Who queued up to share the fun

She’s gracious and she’s caring

Which can only be a plus

And Brenda makes you happy

So that’s good enough for us

I’m sorry I can’t be there

to share this special time

Please forgive my poor attempt

To make this poem rhyme

So Dad, enjoy your birthday

Enjoy your family too

And raise a glass to all of us

A tot of rum or two

RIP DAD 1921 – 2018 

25 thoughts on “A Tot of Rum or Two

    1. Thank you. Yes I can understand your dad wanting to leave. Mine was pretty well up until a couple of years ago when dementia started getting the better of him. He had a wonderful wife (only for the last 6 years) and she cared for him right up until the end when it just got too much for her. They were in their own place with 24 hour doctor on call, so he was a lucky man really. He will be missed. I wish you and your dad well. X

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment and for the follow. Yes he had tripped on a kerb, shortly before I wrote the poem and it fitted in rather well with the rhyme. Poor Daddy, I know he would have laughed too.

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  1. Lovely poem, it made me chuckle. You had so wonderful relationships, and sure your father loved his life. Bless his soul. My beloved father died when I was 28. I often wonder what our life would look like if he was with me longer. It would be an absolutely different life, much easier and happier.

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    1. Thank you so much. My dad was very special in our lives and when my siblings and I manage to get together, there are always lots of memories and laughs to share. Your life would most certainly have been richer had your dad been there too. Losing him at such a young age must have been very difficult.

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  2. What a lovely poem for your dad, raw and honest, and lots of gorgeous sentiments…
    And I’d like to thank you for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading
    my humble writing, and I’m from Geelong. Cheers. Ivor.

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    1. Hi Ivor, Thank you also for the follow. I haven’t been blogging very much of late but I do enjoy reading other blogs. I am also not much of a poet as you can tell, but my dad was always good material. I am from Croydon in Melbourne. Lovely weather today. Barbara.

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      1. Thanks for your reply, I’m having a lazy day, still in my trackie, a bit of blogging, and then I’ll try and sort some poems(40), into manuscript/ booklet form, that I sell to friends, family and clients, and I donate the monies to the MS Charity shop here in Geelong. Have a happy weekend. Ivor

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  3. A wonderful tribute you your father. I read in the comments he was 97 when he died. I hope we all can live that long. There was so much to his life. You are a special daughter to put your love in a poem.


    1. Oh Claudia thank you so much. Sadly I was a distant daughter as my dad lived in UK (as do my brothers and sister), but we never let the distance keep us from communicating regularly and visiting from Australia when we could. My dad was a special man who lived a long and interesting life. He passed away in February this year at 97. I will miss him always.


    1. Thanks Kerry. It is difficult living so far away, the missed celebrations. Missing births and getting to know new nephews and nieces. All the things that didn’t cross my mind in the excitement of a new adventure 36 years ago. C’est la vie.


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