Watercolouring – a steep learning curve

An experiment with mixed media:

This card incorporates some gilding, some ink doodling Simon's card 2018

and a simple watercolour background. I also added some masking for interest.  Flushed with success (I liked the result) from this attempt, I made the following card.

Watercolour card 2

For this card I used a stamp from Carabelle Studios, the background is water coloured first, then stamped and doodled with a Microperm pen 01.  I added some coloured pencil highlights here and there.

I am really enjoying experimenting with mixed media like this.  Perhaps something a little more adventurous next time.




22 thoughts on “Watercolouring – a steep learning curve

    1. Thank you, it was a result of watching youtube videos that the idea to combine watercolour and doodling came about. I always start out thinking, well, that looks like rubbish, but once the doodling starts, things begin to take shape.

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      1. Something about it is just mesmerizing. I thought for a brief moment that it would be a meditative thing to do. Let me just say, it is NOT meditative for me to do. Meditative to see, maybe, but this kid ain’t a relaxed zentangler. I completed one, then let my shoulders relax and my eyes to untangle, and then allowed the teenager to commandeer the book. We’re both happier this way.

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