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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making something, out of something else.  I love creating, and recycling and learning new things.  My current passion is to learn more about Art Journalling and Mixed Media.

Both of my parents were extremely creative.  My father in the fields of photography and woodwork and general handyman tasks.  I always thought my dad could do anything.  Of course it was more from necessity, but I didn’t concern myself with that at the time.  My mother had skills as a knitter, sewer, dressmaker and also crochet.  She was adept at turning all sorts of bits and pieces into all sorts of other, more useful at the time, bits and pieces.  And so my environment was one of making use of whatever was to hand.

I enjoy paper crafts, sewing and quilting, bookmaking and journalling.  I run home based classes teaching card making, and mini albums. I am a retired Stampin’ UP! Demonstrator, which was my joy for five years.  I still craft with some of the friends I made during this period.

I live in the wonderful suburbs of Melbourne Australia, with my husband of 46 years and our two cats (the girls), Fluffystuff and Blackcat.  We emigrated here from United Kingdom in 1982 and I wouldn’t change where I live for anywhere else in the World.

I am mum to two wonderful sons and Nanna to three grandsons.



13 thoughts on “About

  1. I always say ‘I’m not very creative’ and realise it’s not because I’m not but because I haven’t really tried. I’m inspired to try some creative cards myself having looked at these fabulous cards! Keep inspiring… and thanks for following my blog too! xx


    1. Hi Wendy, thank you for the follow. I think you have hit the nail on the head when you say your lack of creativity is more likely that you haven’t tried, rather than you have none. I have seen how much pleasure this lovely hobby brings to people’s lives and I do urge you to give it go. Perhaps do a class or two in your area or local scrapbooking shop. You will enjoy it for sure.

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      1. Thanks Barbara – I’ll definitely be visiting our local hobbycraft shop very soon! Thanks for the inspiration and kind words xx


  2. So wonderful! My husband and I both love to create. He crochets and also does woodwork, I enjoy photography, writing, and making odd things from old stuff I find. I have never tried to make a card though, now I am very intrigued and look forward to your posts!!


    1. Thank you Victoria, I honestly never thought that working with paper could bring me so much pleasure. I do recommend you try cardmaking. I have made all my Christmas cards this year as I do most years. It is such a rewarding hobby and people love a handmade card.


    1. Thank you for this nomination, I feel very honoured to be included. I will try to find time today to follow up. I also look forward to reading some of the other nominations on the list.


  3. Barbara, it is so nice to connect with you! Lovely to meet you and your adorable cats. 🙂
    I visited Melbourne twice last year and really loved it. So glad you found a place to call home.

    This is an amazing quote: ART ENABLES US to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

    Thank you. Lovely blog. Debbie


  4. Hi Debbie, lovely to meet you too. Thank you for the lovely comments, I really enjoy blogging and knowing people take some pleasure from what you put up, or learn something along the way as I often do, is all it takes to keep me posting. Barbara


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