I’ve been M I A on my blog recently

Hi Everyone,

Time sometimes has a way of getting away from you and that has been the case for the past several weeks. I apologise if I have been neglecting your posts recently.

Some sad news – My dad passed away a week or so ago.  He was 96 and has lived a full and mostly happy life I think. However the past year or so has not been his best and although he will be very missed I cannot help feeling a tiny sense of relief on his behalf.

Dad and Brenda dad 90

“tu me manques” Dad

I shall be heading to the UK very soon with my hubs’ and will be away for most of the month of March. I hear it snowed in parts of UK yesterday – I wonder if I have enough warm clothes in my wardrobe? No matter, the shops will be open I’m sure.

I am already worrying about Fluff’s but I have a wonderful neighbour who has offered to take care of her.  Fluffy will not appreciate that she has been saved  from the cattery and weeks of confinement, but it’s the best I can do for her, she gets to stay at home and will miss me. And I will miss her.

On the plus side, I get to see my brothers and sister and other family members.  Can’t wait, it’s been too long.

I look forward to catching up with everyone and everything in blogland again when I return.




It’s been a turbulent few weeks

And though I’ve been reading and commenting on blogs, I realise I haven’t written one for a while.

Melbourne has been experiencing some fairly heavy rain in the past week or so (thankfully it seems to have eased now).  We have sustained some damage, related to, but not caused by rain.  Our carport roof is fitted with plasterboard like a normal indoor ceiling – (I’m not sure this is good building practice but that’s the way it is round here). Last Friday, half of the carport roof collapsed (mid rainstorm), onto our cars, damaging the bonnets of both and leaving a large gaping hole in the carport (it would now make a perfect pigeon loft).

carport roof collapsed

Damage to both cars is fairly minimal in that they are both drivable, but they are no longer pristine as they were.  Insurance claims have been filed with us being told we won’t be covered for the damage to the carport roof as it is general wear and tear! There was no water in the roof.

roof on cars

So that is one thing, and the aftermath of having cars repaired and getting quotes for repairs to carport are underway.

Hospital visits and an unsuspected surgery for my better half have taken up the rest of the weeks events.  I am pleased to say that he is feeling a lot more chipper and results are good.

I love that line in the John Lennon song, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” or words to that effect.  Never a truer word was spoken.

There has been no decorating for Christmas or Christmas Shopping apart from online stuff.  Thankfully Christmas cards have been made and sent.  Hopefully, we will now be able to get back on the horse and begin ‘tentatively’ planning our way through the Christmas season.

Dinner out this evening with friends is a good start.

Bless this Day.



When saying ‘no’ is the right thing to do


I am not having the best weekend.  I spent most of yesterday (Saturday) cleaning and tidying and making ready for a guest that I didn’t want. When I said yes, a few months ago to the request to stay the night, I didn’t really understand the implications, but it has been mega inconvenient.

So why do we say yes, when we would like to say no? Perhaps if you sometimes have the same issue this article by – Tiny Buddha may help you too. Well written with tips on how to manage the situation.

You may have noticed that I am tripping between I and We in this post.  I am the one not enjoying myself, my husband is currently off Cycling 100k round The Bay with his buddy (my unwanted guest).

Anyway, it is done and I am over it, no point dwelling when there is peaceful crafting time to be had.

I shall be practising saying NO a lot more in future.

Cheers, Barbara


The Documented Life ‘Unplanner’ -A mixed media journey through 2016


“Unplanner”?  You may well ask.  This is my version of a challenge I took up on the artists website http://www.art5academy.com/.  The talented ladies over there have been making planners for several years now. This is my first foray, I was intrigued by the title Unplanner, and when I saw what was intended I just had to join.

I have wanted to extend my ‘Mixed Media’ skills for some time and I thought this might be the way to do so.  It is a challenge, as there are loads of prompts each week to help us “get our inner artist juices flowing” and to do everything in the weekly prompts would mean spending all the spare time you may have, so I pretty much pick and choose what I do in my Unplanner, and when I work on it. I enjoy the facebook group set up for the challenge, what other’s are doing, and getting ideas from their awesome work.

It is very much a work in progress and I have pages that I want to revisit when I get time. It has made me stop and think about what I do each day. To reflect and to appreciate myself instead of putting myself down for wasting my day. We have indeed become ‘human doings’ and I don’t want to continue down that road.



And so it goes. I am really enjoying putting this together. I look forward to flipping the pages in a few years time.

Thanks for stopping by.