It’s been quite a week

Have you ever suffered back pain? It’s not fun is it? Beginning last weekend my back finally decided it had had enough of my shenanigans and gave up trying to support my body in its many activities. To be fair I had been having plenty of warning signs and I knew I had done several silly things in recent months, so the twinges were there.

I was finally able to get an appointment with a sports therapist and that dear man took away about 80% of the pain I had been dealing with. Over the next 48 hours the pain was no longer an issue at all. I also had a Bowen treatment, again the residual effects have improved my wellbeing over the following days and I have decided to continue having Bowen therapy on a monthly basis going forward. My body feels more aligned and my posture has improved markedly.

So once all that was sorted out and life returned to it’s usual pace, I was forced to confront an issue that I knew must be dealt with.

2001 – 2019

Here’s my darling girl just a week or so ago, looking hale and hearty and ever so slightly curious. She is in fact half way through 10 days of antibiotics for a bladder infection. She is 18 years old but still enjoys all the good things, food, plenty of cuddles and several comfortable and warm sleeping spots around the house which she occupies around 23 hours a day. So all was going well until the antibiotics finished and within a day the infection returned but was clearly worse than before. Anyway cutting the story short I decided that it was time to make that trip to the vet, and foregoing any more exploratory treatments to find out what is going on, our girl made her way to the magical rainbow bridge.

My house has not felt the same since that day, but I know time will heal the deep sadness I feel.

So not exactly my best week, and not much has been done in the Craftroom, hopefully my next post will be a much more cheerful one.

Thank you for stopping by.