We’re doing something different in class this week



Some time ago, I came across the fantastic Julie Nutting Doll Stamps.  These stamps stand around 8″, so quite a substantial stamp. I don’t know how many of them there are, but lots from what I can make out on social media. There is quite a following for these stamps and people’s ingenuity in creating their individual doll characters is quite amazing.

So I got myself a Julie Nutting doll stamp (which I now know come in different sizes and styles).  All of mine are the largest size dolls – yes I’ve added to my collection in the past few weeks and I expect I will continue to do so.

Julie Nutting herself uses large acrylic blocks with handles for the largest stamps but I have used my large MISTI stamping platform to stamp my doll.

Doll stamped in Misti

This doll is called Abby. She is from the ‘girls’ collection (as opposed to women dolls). The differences are that the girl dolls have larger heads while the women/ladies have a more normal sized head (although some pretty amazing waist measurements)! The dresses are a younger style for the girls too. I expect there are a few more differences but this is a new hobby for me, so I’m not sure.


Linda Cutout

As you can see I have cut through some of the dress portion of the stamped doll.  This is a personal choice, you can leave the dress intact as you will be covering it.  I added some features to the face and coloured the hair using Copic markers.  I have noticed that most people don’t add features, sometimes I do, sometimes not. As you can see I have added a bodice with some detail around the top, I also found it easier to cut out the tie bows at the shoulder when I cut out just the bodice piece.

I do spend some time adding some strength to the dolls I make.  I don’t like flimsy things and, as these are made out of  designer paper, they would not stand up to much pulling around.

Back of Abby doll

I used some 3mm card which I cut into lengths and pieces and laid at the back of my cutout. This also serves to create some dimension when it comes to adding the doll to my project.

It was then time to re-stamp just the dress portion of the stamp.  I chose some papers that I thought had designs that would work. Small designs are the best.

dresses linda

The middle dress (which is a reject, was stamped in black ink, I thought it was too dark, so I re-stamped the dresses in a die ink that was much lighter).  I will do some work on them with coloured pencils.  I also added some shaping to the dresses – you may be able to see this in the middle dress above. I use a Susan’s Garden flower making kit to do this.

There are many ways you can add layers and enhance the dresses for these dolls.  This craft takes me back to my childhood, when my sister and I would make our own doll models. We spent hours making clothes for our dolls and colouring them in. When I showed these to the ladies in my card making classes they all remembered doing the same. The also said they would like to give it a try, so this week we are making dolls.

Here is a small lineup of some of the dolls I have created so far.

Dolls for class Thursday31st Aug

These are – from the left, Linda, Abby (my first doll) and the gorgeous Audrey.

There are so many ways to change your dolls to make them individual. Would love to know what you think, and whether this is something you would enjoy doing.

I will post a picture of the doll I am in the process of making at another time.

Happy Crafting Everyone.



Another Fun Card with stamp from Stampotique

I couldn’t resist using this sentiment and stamp together.

Bag of idiots card


I created the look of a bag by joining some of the lines on the outside of the stamp with a micron pen.

Then using a fairly hefty CTMH twine and my 1/16″ hole punch I threaded a ‘make believe’ closure to the top.  I coloured the bag and critters with colouring pencils and used some Washi Tape to create the background.  Black Cardstock base and designer paper (retired) is from Stampin’ UP!  I also added two small metal heart and lock embellishments to the ends of the twine.

Hope you enjoy this one.

Happy Crafting.

Tiny decorated/altered box

I recently purchased a pair of earrings and they arrived in this really cute box.

The box had a magnetic closure hidden in the lid and I didn’t want to change that.  I first covered the box in green cardstock, then I overlaid that with some Pion papers. I chose Pion because it has a tiny design which suited the dimensions of the box.

I added some die cuts to the sides of the box and decided to make it look like a garden with gates and flowers.  The dies I have used were purchased recently from an ebay shop for a few dollars each.  I was a little sceptical about them but for a few dollars I had nothing to lose.  I have been so pleased with the dozen or so dies I have purchased. I will leave a link at the bottom of this post if you are interested in having a look for yourself.

Some photo’s of the box after decorating with die cuts and ribbon flowers. Metal corner filigree element and sequins.  The earrings turned out to be a little too long for me. I’m like a child who enjoys the wrapping more than the contents.


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Here is the site on ebay where I purchased some of my dies at really reasonable prices.
or simply look up metal die cutting and a whole bunch of sellers will come up



Mini Album using Meg’s Garden Vintage Book Papers

Hi everyone I’m sharing a small album I created using Meg’s Garden Vintage Book Papers. This collection is called “Forgotten Meadows.”

The album is bound using a simple Japanese Bookbinding system.  I will be adding some photographs and poetry to the pages plus more of the details from the cut apart papers included with the collection. This album does not allow for lots of dimensional elements as it is quite flat.  It is perfect for photographs etc.

For a tutorial on the Bookbinding system that I have used go to: Japanese Bookbinding 101 Note: I have used the same system with three holes instead of four.  

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