I created this Sweet little album a few days ago.  The instructions were downloaded from here

Hearts Ease Album 4

You will need to go to the April Archive to find the tutorial for the book, it’s called “Cherry Blossoms Folded Pocket Book” – Cherry Blossoms is the paper Kay has used to make her album.  Any paper would do.  I used “Hearts Ease” 12″ x 12″ Paper Pad from Couture Creations. You will need 6 sheets of 12 x 12 paper to create the album.

I’m so pleased with how it turned out.  Although there are only 5 pages, there are 20 pockets to embellish.


I completed the belly band which holds the book together, You will need a closure as the book has a tendency to splay open.  I think once I have put some embellishments inside, I may need to make a new Belly band as this one will no longer fit.  It might be a good idea to wait until you have finished the embellishing before making the closure.  Alternatively, before putting the inside finish to the cover of the book, you could substitute a ribbon closure instead.  The finished size of the album is 5.25″ x 3.25′ so it is quite a small album.

There is some simple bookbinding (the stitch used is called Pamphlet stitch).  I used a fairly fine black waxed thread which was all I had that would thread through my needle.  I must invest in some proper book binding needles.

Hearts Ease Album 5

I used a Stampin’ UP! Piercing tool and mat to make the holes in the spine.

This is a great little album to try out Book Binding for the first time.  Why not make one for yourself.  It would also be a  lovely gift.

Hearts Ease Album 6

A closer look at the belly band closure.  The medallion is shown as an idea for finishing.

Happy Crafting in 2018.


Another album for a gift

Things didn’t go quite as planned with this album but I think I managed to save it.

As I mentioned, September is a big birthday month for me.  I made two albums as gifts and each one had it’s challenges.  The basic album is the same for each one, you can see my first album here, Rachel’s album.

Front cover
Pages with top loading pockets
A tag for each pocket

Sadly the birthday girl is unwell and we haven’t yet caught up on the promised lunch date.  She’s not a blogger so I feel safe showing you her album and not spoiling the surprise.

A few more photo’s .  I really loved making this and I see a few more to come.

So what went wrong???

I had completed the album cover and inserted all the pages and was admiring my handiwork.  I was so disappointed to see that the spine had split on one side.  I didn’t want to start all over again but I didn’t quite know what to do about it.  I thought I could put another cover over the spine and tried different things but wasn’t really happy with anything.

I knew the cover of the album was going to be finished in white, silver and blue (my friends favourite colours) and I had some white muslin. This idea was either make or break and I had a distinct vision of it all ending up in the bin.  However I persevered and came up with this for the cover.


It worked out pretty well I thought.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my friend’s birthday album. I’ll let you know what she thinks when we catch up.

Happy crafting.